Canada Type and Rod McDonald working together for type education in Canada.
Gibson plays well with others. I often recommend it to students in place of the usual Helvetica, Futura, Univers, etc. when students are looking for a ‘clean, modern sans’ to complement a type system.
— Renée Alleyn, BDes, BA, MA Professor, York/Sheridan Program in Design

Closer look at projects using Gibson

Passive House Canada Website and Collateral

Design: HCMA Architects + Design

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NSAA Branding and Collateral

Design: John DeWolf BDES, MID, CGD, RGD Vice President, Form:Media

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Canada Post Stamps

Design: Matt Warburton CGD, FGDC, GDC Ethics Chair
Illustration: Julie Morstad

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Students in their second year of the NSCAD Interdisciplinary Design bachelor’s degree receive the Gibson typeface family as part of the course. It is economically priced and costs less than most university textbooks and is therefore covered in the material fees. When students set text and make critical evaluations between Gibson and the many free typefaces they have downloaded from the Internet, the problems with free fonts become apparent to them immediately. From poorly rendered letterforms and unattractive letter spacing to unsightly gaps in word spacing.

Using Gibson provides an excellent segue into conversations about font piracy and font design. Font ownership discussion in the classroom paves the way for students to understand the relevance and the significance to their future in professional design practice when clients and printers are involved in the process. This in turn generates a curiosity to know more about type design.

Gibson has become an indispensable teaching and learning tool in NSCAD classes contributing to a better understanding of typography, its inherent rules, and its importance to graphic design.
— May Chung, NSCAD University, Associate Professor, Design Division

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