Canada Type and Rod McDonald working together for type education in Canada.

The Gibson family is intended to be a mainstay of type education in Canada.

Many Canadian design schools and institutions will be making it part of their larger type piracy education programs. The recently expanded family now consists of 16 fonts, in two packages, and is available at token pricing to make it especially affordable for design students. For less than the price of a design textbook, a student can now have a sturdy and contemporary humanist sans serif family that fits pretty much any design application, and will remain useful long after academic studies and well into a professional career in design.


Gibson Volume 1

Designed by Rod McDonald, Patrick Griffin and Kevin King at Canada Type.

The first volume was released in 2011 and quickly became a much sought after type family.


Gibson volume 2

Designed by Rod McDonald, Patrick Griffin and Jamie Chang at Canada Type.

Following the phenomenal success of the initial Gibson range a second range was released in 2019.


Gibson in Use


Gibson Glyph set

Each font has 370 characters and features extended Latin-based language support. The Gibson family ships in cross-platform OpenType format.


Want to test out or buy Gibson?

The Gibson family is available from Canada Type and other popular distributors. All the revenues from sales by Canada Type will be donated to a variety of causes aiming to improve the typographic arts and elevate design education in Canada.

Graphic Gibson type O2-01.jpg

Gibson Full Family

Designed by Rod McDonald, Patrick Griffin, Kevin King and Jamie Chang at Canada Type.

Created as a humanist sans-serif font with a high stroke contrast, Gibson was designed to be highly attractive yet legible, attracting the eye and leading the reader on. Its simple, bold structure and evenly-placed letter design also honor the age-old tradition of handcrafted typefaces.

The handcrafted look of Gibson still works powerfully in all modern applications, and is perfect for creating eye-catching headers and transforming tedious paragraphs into engaging experiences. It is a truly flexible typeface that adapts seamlessly to different designs, much as John Gibson did throughout his lifetime.
— Patrick Griffin, Canada Type